What do you do if your girlfriend is pregnant?

When you first find out your girlfriend is pregnant, your first reaction might be panic. There are three main things to think about: 1) What decision you and she will make for the pregnancy & baby. 2) Your relationship with...Continued

Teens and STDs: Get the Facts

STD awareness should start sooner rather than later. Many teens are contracting STDs without knowing anything about them. The following article addresses the top questions that teens should know: How do I get an STD? Is there any way to...Continued

Pornography’s Effect on Early Sexual Conditioning

In 2008, the book HOOKED, (co-authored by Medical Institute’s founder, Joe McIlhaney, MD and our current President/ CEO, Freda M Bush, MD,) began warning readers about the strong impact that sex has on the adolescent brain. Easy to read explanations of...Continued

Six Bad Reasons to Have Sex

Are you convinced that you are ready for sex? How sure are you? Some of the common arguments that teens use to justify having sex are quite faulty. Keep reading! 1) Everyone is “doing it.” Reliable studies have shown that less than...Continued

Hooking Up Is Not Worth Your Health or Respect

If you would like more information about this article we are here to talk with you, call 817-599-6700 or request an appointment on our website. Recently “hooking up” is replacing traditional dating on college campuses in the United States. A...Continued

Your Guide to Making Wise Decisions

Every decision we make carries with it the potential of either a positive benefit or a negative consequence. Most people agree that they’d rather experience a positive result in response to a decision rather than finding themselves in a situation...Continued

“Is it Love?” Checklist

I had more friends and my grades were better before I began dating my partner. I am careful to control or hide my actions so my partner doesn’t get angry. Before we started dating, I was more outgoing and involved...Continued

Condoms and Contraceptives: Are they effective?

It is important to research these before relying on them. Please take the time to read this article for more information. If you have questions or would like to talk with someone, call today 817-599-6700 or request an appointment on...Continued