Am I ready to be a parent?

Parenting is a long term decision and is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. While it’s not always easy and can have challenges, the good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

When you first see the positive pregnancy test it can be overwhelming, leave you feeling unsure as to what to do and worried that you’re the only person who has faced such an unplanned surprise. But the good news is that you’re not alone, and countless other women have been in your shoes.

In fact, even couples in long term relationships will often admit, with a little smile, that their first child was not a planned pregnancy and brought unexpected changes. 

There are also countless stories, many in your own community, of women in unplanned pregnancies who parented while also accomplishing their own goals of completing school, starting a career and building their future. 

They were successful because they discovered a secret, a secret you can also discover…

…they didn’t do it alone, and you don’t have to either. 

Support is the secret!

A strong support group is a must for women who plan to parent, and can make the journey not only doable but filled with rewarding, lifelong relationships that help through the tough times and celebrate with you as your goals are accomplished. And that’s not all, many schools, companies and even community programs are geared to help women parent and pursue their goals.

That’s why we believe in helping women who choose to parent, from providing supporting relationships and support, to helping you connect with programs in the community designed for you. 

We believe you can parent and not only survive, but thrive!

If you are thinking about parenting, make an appointment with us at Options Clinic to hear about and understand the support and options available to you- to help you be a successful parent and woman.