Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a medical clinic?

Yes. We are a medical clinic under the supervision of Dr. Krista Lemley.

How much do you charge?

All of our services are provided at no cost to you. You never need to worry about insurance or getting a bill.

Do I need an appointment?

You can text/call to ask about a same day appointment. However, to guarantee that we can see you we recommend you schedule an appointment.

Do you offer sonograms?

Yes, we offer limited sonograms for verification of a viable intrauterine pregnancy. During your pregnancy consultation our medical care team will determine the most appropriate time to perform or schedule your ultrasound.

Do you offer STD testing?

Yes, we offer limited STD testing & treatment for the three most common infections to patients seeking pregnancy verification.

Do I have to have my parent’s permission for an abortion?

You do not have to have your parent’s permission to come to the Options Clinic. However, in order to get an abortion in Texas, state law requires that the parent or legal guardian provide written permission for unmarried teens under the age of 18. There are a few exceptions:

  1. A teen can go before a judge to receive permission.
  2. Teens who are legally emancipated do not need permission.
  3. Permission can be granted in the case of a medical emergency.

Can I bring my male partner with me?

Yes. We encourage you to bring your partner for support. If he is coming with you, let us know at the time you schedule the appointment.

I am undecided about what to do if I am pregnant. How can you help me?

We are committed to providing accurate information on abortion, adoption and parenting options. We are here to help you navigate pregnancy decisions. We will not profit in any way from your decision. We will provide referrals to resources to help you going forward. Options Clinic does not provide or refer for abortions or abortifacients such as the Morning After Pill.