How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

A surgical abortion is a major medical procedure that terminates an existing pregnancy through surgical methods. This type of abortion comes with risks and is typically performed during the later stages of pregnancy. 

Though every woman’s abortion experience varies, a surgical abortion procedure can take roughly 15-20 minutes, and women normally stay at the provider’s office for 3-4 hours altogether, including before and after the procedure. 

Types of Surgical Abortion

The time it takes for an abortion procedure also depends on the type of surgical abortion, as there are a couple of different types. 

Aspiration Abortion

Oftentimes, an aspiration abortion is performed for women in the first trimester (12 weeks pregnant or less). It usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete this procedure.

Dilation & Curettage (D&C)

A D&C abortion involves the cervix being dilated and a sharp instrument or suction device used to remove the pregnancy. This abortion procedure may take up to 10 minutes or longer

Safeguard Your Health

If you are thinking about this type of abortion, you will first want to confirm your pregnancy details to determine how far along you are, your pregnancy location, and whether your pregnancy is viable. All of these details are confirmed through an ultrasound

It’s important to always consult a medical provider before making an abortion decision. A medical professional will be able to clarify any risks or complications. Also, be sure to:

  • Have a complete physical exam
  • Provide a list of currently used medications
  • Communicate any current or past medical conditions/history

Your health is worth protecting. Talk to us today to get answers about abortion and other options if desired. We can help you confirm your pregnancy so you can understand all your options as well. You are not alone!