woman considering abortion and curious about insurance

Did an unplanned pregnancy catch you and your girlfriend by surprise? We know this can be stressful and overwhelming, but you are not alone.

If finances are something you’re struggling with, it’s important to consider the costs of abortion and whether your health insurance will cover your girlfriend or not. 

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What Are Abortions Costs Like?

The cost of abortion varies depending on what type of abortion is done, medical or surgical. Typically, a medical abortion costs around $500 without insurance. 

If your partner is more than 10 weeks along in her pregnancy, surgical abortion is done, which can cost around $750-2,500. 

These costs are not cheap and do not include the fees of steps taken before and after the procedure, including time off work, travel costs, and recovery costs. Some women recover better than others, while some experience complications that may cost you.

What Does My Insurance Cover? 

With most health insurance policies, insurance will not include coverage for the cost of your girlfriend’s abortion. Typically, there are legal obligations such as marriage or domestic partnership to provide coverage to more than just the policyholder. 

What’s Next?

It’s important for your partner to confirm all her pregnancy details before making up her mind about abortion. Every woman is at risk for complications, as 10-20% of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. 

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