pregnant woman curious about the risks of abortion pill

Do you feel rushed into an abortion decision as you navigate this challenging time? Be sure to understand abortion and your other options if considering the abortion pill.

Possible risks of the abortion pill include infection or even incomplete abortion (requiring another surgical procedure).

Remember that the final pregnancy decision is up to you, but we’re here to listen and support you along the way. Our non-judgmental staff at Options Clinic can offer the insight you need to make a confident decision for your future.

The Abortion Pill Process

Medical abortion, also known as the abortion pill, terminates an existing pregnancy through a process over 24-48 hours. It consists of two different drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol.

Mifepristone works to block progesterone, causing the uterus lining to thin and preventing the embryo from growing. Next, misoprostol causes the uterus to contract, expelling the contents of the uterus.

Follow-up with a medical professional is needed to make sure the abortion is complete and there are no complications.

What Are the Risks of the Abortion Pill?

There are physical risks of the abortion pill to consider before making your final decision. According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the common risks:

  • Incomplete abortion, which may need to be followed by a surgical procedure
  • An ongoing pregnancy if the procedure doesn’t work
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Digestive system discomfort

Confirm Your Pregnancy Details

When it comes to your health, you deserve to have all the facts you need to make the best decision for your body.  A positive pregnancy test is not enough to determine if you’re eligible for the abortion pill.

An ultrasound is important for protecting your health, as it reveals how far along you are, shows the location of the pregnancy, and can alert you to any possible pregnancy complications.

Contact us to schedule a free, no-pressure pregnancy confirmation appointment. Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with us, we can help provide any information and facts you need regarding all your options. We’re here for you.