Are you convinced that you are ready for sex? How sure are you? Some of the common arguments that teens use to justify having sex are quite faulty. Keep reading!

1) Everyone is “doing it.”

Reliable studies have shown that less than half of American teens have had sex. Just because some of your friends are taking part in risky premarital sex, doesn’t mean that you should too. Be a leader
and dare to be different! A true leader doesn’t follow the crowd.

2) It will bring us closer together.

Having sex won’t necessarily lead to a blissful relationship with your significant other. Most teens who have had sex experience regret.  A majority of teens who started having sex wish they had waited.

3) Both of us are virgins. Therefore, I can’t get an STI.

STIs can be transmitted through non-penetrative sex (outercourse). Many STIs, including HIV, can be passed to a child from their mother through childbirth. Additionally, pubic lice can be spread through sharing clothes, linen, or towels with an infested person.

4) If I use protection, I can’t get pregnant or catch an STI.

While barrier methods of contraception like the male condom may reduce your risk of becoming infected with some STIs, no contraceptive is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy nor STIs.

Moreover, hormonal contraceptives offer NO PROTECTION against STIs.  Barrier methods only reduce the risk of STIs. For instance, a condom reduces your risk of HIV by 85% , Chlamydia by 50% and HPV by up to 70%

5) I am in a monogamous relationship and deeply in love. I intend to marry my significant other in the future.

While these intentions may initially seem reasonable, you probably will not marry your first love. A 2006 Harris Interactive Poll found that only 14 percent of participants claimed they met their spouse in school (this included both high school and college).[1] Don’t let the heady feelings of first love allow you to make a decision that you will regret.

6) It will make me feel loved.

Quite frankly, if you believe that you need sex to feel love, then you should probably consider a closer evaluation of your relationship. Sex does not equate to love; it is a reflection of love. Love in a romantic relationship is ultimate devotion and unselfish commitment, which may be hard to recognize when you are young. You can’t find love through just physical activity, like sex, alone. You will always come up short.

Sex outside of a lifelong relationship can lead to devastating physical and emotional consequences. However, waiting for sex is definitely worthwhile.