woman thinking of her pregnancy

The tides have turned regarding abortion access in the U.S. since the June 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

What is legal now and what isn’t? It can get a little foggy with all the noise of the media. Here are the facts when it comes to abortion access after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Is Abortion Illegal Now?

The power to make abortion illegal is now in the hands of the states. Since the overturning of Roe, abortion access is illegal in some states but remains legal in others. Still, others lie in the middle as they permit abortion but have laws regulating it. 

Can I Get an Abortion in Texas?

There was a 6-week abortion ban implemented in Texas, even before Roe was overturned. However, since then, abortion is currently completely banned in Texas, with exceptions made in cases of life endangerment. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment vs. Abortion

After the overturning of Roe, many women have been fearful about access to ectopic pregnancy treatment. It’s important to understand that treatment for this pregnancy complication is entirely legal and accessible today and very different than an abortion procedure.

Ectopic treatment is for non-viable pregnancies which should be addressed immediately, as it can lead to serious health effects. 

An elective abortion is a choice made by a woman who wants to terminate an existing, viable pregnancy without a health-endangering diagnosis behind the decision.

What’s My Next Step?

Confirm your pregnancy details to understand your eligibility if you are considering traveling for an abortion. A lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound are important to determine what options are available to you.

At Options Clinic, we offer no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy testing, and options counseling. If your test results are positive, we also provide a no-cost ultrasound. An advocate and nurse are always available to sit down with you to discuss your options and next steps.

Schedule your no-cost appointment today to learn more about your options. We are here for you.