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Abstinence is not outdated or old fashioned but very wise. Sex can make things very complicated and messy, both physically and emotionally. However, waiting for sex means:

Every month if you or your partner’s period is late, you are free of worry that you are pregnant or you got someone  else pregnant.  Realizing that you could become a parent before you are ready can be very frightening and isolating. If you or your partner has irregular periods (which is not uncommon), you could be dealing with the stress of a ‘pregnancy scare’ quite frequently!

You have an extremely minimal chance of catching one of over 25 different sexually transmitted infections, many of which are incurable and can cause cancer. Being in great health is a reason to feel joyful and happy!

You know that your partner loves you FOR YOU, not your body. If he or she really loves you, they will be willing to wait for sex.

Don’t think of abstinence as not having sex. You are waiting for the best possible sex, free of all of these problems that arise from sex outside of a lifelong relationship.

Article from www.medinstitute.org